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Before the interview


Nous embauchons actuellement RPN, PSW, DSW, SSW et ceux ayant une expérience et/ou une formation équivalente 

Soins personnels 

Smiling Therapist
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Les préposés aux soins personnels Relieve-Me sont des préposés aux services de soutien à la personne agréés qui aident les clients dans leurs activités de la vie quotidienne et leurs besoins d'hygiène personnelle en général.

Night Nanny | Nanny Housekeeper

If you're empathetic and enjoy working with children, becoming a Relieve-Me Nanny may be a great career option for you. Our nannies are professionals who takes care of a child when their parents or guardians are busy. If you have First aid and CPR training, experience working with children, or early infant care, or special needs care, and a post-secondary education, this could be the right opportunity for you.

(Night) Nanny: night nannies only work overnight typically taking care of  babies allowing moms to get rest. Or helping moms who need additional postnatal support.

(Day) Nanny Housekeepers: work in the day to take care of children, but when they're sleeping or out of the house the nanny can perform light housekeeping duties as well. 

Moms and Babies
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Campanion Care 

A woman and another woman on a wheelchair
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Relieve-Me Developmental Service Workers are professionals who work with individuals who have developmental or physical disabilities to help them function better in their day-to-day lives. They provide client care, assist with behavioural issues, provide crisis intervention when necessary and help with the daily hygiene and overall personal needs that adults with disabilities are unable to perform themselves. They also provide social and emotional support, help with household management and routine tasks such as cooking, light house cleaning, dishwashing, laundry and other housekeeping duties so that our clients can live happily and comfortably at home. 

Cleaning Professional

When it comes to finding a reliable cleaner for someone's home, it's important to choose someone who can be trusted. Relieve-Me is proud to offer a range of experienced and certified cleaners who are friendly, reliable and know how to get the job done. If you are dedicated to providing high-quality clenaing services the first time and every time, and committed to provifing exceptional customer service. We want you!

Cleaning Mirror
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Si une position vous convient, cliquez sur "Appliquer maintenant"  ou envoyez-nous un e-mail à avec une copie de votre CV et lettre de motivation et le poste auquel vous postulez.
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