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Relieve-Me Home Support Services.

We provide support for persons with special needs and seniors, breaks for caregivers, and rest for new moms. 

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Nous offrons divers services pour répondre à vos besoins spécifiques




Aide aux soignants

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Soins à domicile


Soins personnels

woman laying on her back covering her face sho looks stressed
young woman holding her chest who looks depressed

Accent sur la santé mentale

Notre équipe soutient ceux qui sont incapables de gérer ou de suivre les tâches quotidiennes en raison de leur état de santé mentale ou de celui d'un proche. Nous comprenons comment la santé mentale peut avoir un impact sur votre vie quotidienne et nous sommes là pour vous aider.

Merci à nos merveilleux clients et à notre équipe

smiling female caregiver with male client reading heart monitor
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What I love about this company is that they are true to their slogan, "how can we help?" I have been battling depression for a while now and have been struggling to keep up with daily house chores and work in general. The services I received really helped lift some of the load off. I feel lighter. They look after me, understanding what I am going through, making sure that I am doing okay. 

- Anonymous, Durham Region

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