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Meet our Founder and CEO Rose. She is a caring and compassionate Human Service Professional. She is a Social Service Worker, and Special Education Assistant and the owner Relieve-Me Home Support Services. Rosemarie has been working in the Social Services, Education, and Customer Service fields for more than 11+ years. Over the years a passion and desire to work with, and support persons with disabilities, and elderly populations emerged and grew. This desire led her to start Relieve-Me Home Support Services.

Rosemarie's aim is to strengthen the functioning and quality of life of persons in the areas of personal care and home care enabling them to live comfortably at home. And, to ascertain that family members and caregivers get the relief and support they need while providing care for their loved ones. 

My Story

Over the years I was accorded the opportunity to work in various human service settings such as; community-based health centres, home care and LTC facilities, residential settings, shelters, daycares and schools. As a Care Provider I provide direct care for seniors, new moms, and persons with disabilities. As Education Assistant, I have contributed to providing social and educational support, life skills training, and job coaching.  My Social Service Worker scope of practice includes; case management (assessments, referrals, advocacy, financial assistance applications, document creation,), and counselling practices using social service work knowledge, skills, and interventions strategies that assist individuals and families to enhance social functioning and promote equity, and inclusion in their community.  

The combination of over 11 years of developing these skills and expertise and providing amazing customer service throughout is why Relieve-Me Home Support Services is establishing itself as one of the most caring up and coming respite and home and personal care service providers in the industry. Our support workers are knowledgeable and passionate about working with seniors, new moms, and individuals who have a disability or limitation in their day-to-day functioning. We use home care as an entry point to support you or your loved one towards an enjoyable and happy life at home.

Our service delivery promotes independence and positive emotional well being through the provision of caring personal and home care, respite, and the exploration of available community resources and supports when needed.

I am looking forward to getting to know you and your family and I am so excited to be part of your journey!

How Can We Help? 

We're gladly working for you because we care.

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